• Please allow 2.5-3hrs for your initial appointment and 1-1.5hrs for your perfection appointment

  • Please allow sufficient travel and parking time to get to your appointment, anything over 15 mins late and we may need to reschedule

  • Please no coffee/caffeine 4 hours prior to your appointment

  • No fish oil or Multi-vitamins the 72hrs prior to your appointment

  • Please have something to eat before hand, you’ll be more comfortable and your blood sugars more stable throughout your procedure

  • It’s always a good idea to wash your hair the day of your appointment as you can’t spend long periods of time in water for the first 5 or so days post treatment

  • If you don’t already have a ph neutral face wash (QV, cetaphil etc) it’s best to grab one to use for the following 2 weeks post treatment, as lined out in our aftercare

Healing is fairly straight forward and downtime is none, but best to be planned 4 weeks prior to any holidays and big events.
  • No picking, scratching or peeling the healing area (let any scabbing fall off naturally)

  • No makeup over the area, no filling in of the eyebrows (around the area is fine)

  • No sleeping on your face

  • Avoid getting the area soaked in the shower

  • No swimming, saunas, spas or excessive sweating/exercise

  • Avoid direct sun exposure (a hat is a good idea for long periods in the sun)

  • No SPF over the area (around the area is fine)